Published on: 03/06/2020
4th June, 2020 at 11.30am CEST (3pm Indian Standard Time)

Webinar SWM

Surface wave methods gained in the past decades a primary role in many seismic projects. Specifically, they are often used to retrieve a 1D shear wave velocity model or to estimate the VS,30 at a site. The complexity of the interpretation process and the variety of possible approaches to surface wave analysis make it very hard to set a fixed standard to assure quality and reliability of the results. The Interpacific guidelines published in 2018 provide practical information on the acquisition and analysis of surface wave data by giving some basicprinciples and specific suggestions related to the most common situations. In the webinar, after a brief introduction to surface wave analysis and a summary of the guidelines, some examples
of applications will be presented.

Power point presentation application/pdf (4.62 MB) 

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